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My Favorite Characters of All Time

My favorites list :3

These are a few of my favorite characters, there in no particular order.



GeneralGibby has started a donation pool!
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Generalgibbys Avatar- Trainer Gibby by GeneralGibby "Hey my Poke soldiers, I wanted to let you know from now on, everytime this donation pool hits 500 Points there will be an instant comic page."

For every 500 Points there will be a ISWaB Comic page within the next 3 days. Each donator will get a shout out on that comic page, unless they would like to remain anonymous.

:note: The only time the 3 day rule wont
apply is during the holidays.

Jan 1st- New Years
Feb 14th- Valentines Day
Mar 17th- St. Patrick's Day
April 5th-6th- Easter
May 10th- Mothers Day
May 25th- Memorial Day
Jun 21st- Fathers Day
July 4th- Independence Day/ Duskpendence Day
July 24-27th- My B-day(25th)/Anime Iowa
Oct 31st- Halloween
Nov 26th- Thanksgiving
December 24th-28th- Christmas

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Is useing an action replay to clone your Legit shiny Pokemon and put them on a back up pokemon game wrong? 

41 deviants said No! Back up your shinys in case you lose them.
8 deviants said Yes. Cheating is wrong no matter what!
I am halfway there to getting a new laptop/refurbished laptop. So, in the mean time I will do some Role Plays along with the ASK GGComic questions.
I like note RP's, but if others want to join it for a multiple group RP I will have to figure something out. I may be rusty, but I have role played in my teen years.

I have only a few Role play rules:

1. NO role playing SEX! I can't stress that enough. Kissing, hugs, and cuddles is as far as I go when it comes to romance.
2. Blood, cursing, and gore... is fine with me, heck its in my comics.
3. No grammar Nazi's and/or godmodding.
4. Don't expect what we RP to be in ANY comic's. If it is funny/interesting I MIGHT ask you if I can make a comic strip about it, but like I said don't expect it.

:bulletblue:Pokémon RP:bulletblue:

I will be role playing as Dusk and/or Flower.

The Future Looks a Bit Dusk by GeneralGibbyDusk the Darkrai by GeneralGibby
:bulletblack:Dusk the Darkrai
Gender- Unknown (assumed to be male)
Level- 65
Nature- Serious
Characteristic- Somewhat vain.
This self obsessed Darkrai enjoys to play piano, dance, and participate in Pokémon Contest. Dusk as over 40+ ribbons and is considered a Pokémon Contest Super Star. Dusk gets along with other Pokémon that are interested in his interest, but if one docent's like his activity beware! He has a bit of a sassy streak.

Sugimori Style= Flower by GeneralGibbySugimori Style= Mega Flower by GeneralGibby
:bulletblue:Flower the Lucario
Gender- Female
Level- 80
Nature- Sassy
Characteristic- Likes to thrash about.
This sassy Lucario tends to keep to herself and enjoys working in her garden. When she is not in her garden she busy trying to get stronger, by battling as many Pokémon as she can. Flower likes to use Bulk Up to take hits and learn as much about her opponent as possible. Once she is done accessing a Pokémon strengths she looks for a weakness and attacks with full strength.

:bulletgreen:DBZ RP::bulletgreen:

I will role play as Majin Abuu, or Majin Green.

Abuu -Majin Outfit by Master-GibbyMajin Abuu by Master-Gibby
:bulletgreen:Majin Abuu
Gender- Female
Power Level- The same power level as SS4 Goku.
Nature- Quiet and wicked.
Creator- Half created by Bibidi, finished by Babidi.
Evil or Good- Neutral/Evil. Abuu may appear nice, but she only thinks of herself and uses people for her best interest. Abuu uses enchanted music to lure men into doing her bidding.

Majin Green by GeneralGibbyMajin Green= Ancient Majin Form by GeneralGibbyMajin Green= Role Play Rules by GeneralGibby
:bulletpurple:Majin Green
Gender- Female
Power Level- The same power as a level SS3 Super Saiyan. (Ancient for the same power as a God.)
Nature- Jolly and sweet. 
Parents- Majin Buu (Fat), Miss Buu
Evil or Good- Good. Sweet as an angle, Green lives only for the greater good. Liker her name Green is obsessed with the color green, she has a large collection of green items hidden away in a secret cave.

Majin Tide Model Sheet by GeneralGibby
:bulletpurple:Majin Tide
Gender- Male
Power Level- ???
Nature- Relaxed and chill. 
Parents- ??? He was found as a child knocked out and unconscious on the beach. Tide lives in the woods.
Evil or Good- Neutral, Tide just enjoys nature and swimming. He often can be found surfing on the beach. Tides best friend is Majin Green.

To start a RP!

1. In a comment or note please let me know what Character or Characters you would like to RP with.
2. In the same comment/note please give me a role play starter, setting, or sample of what you want to role play about.
3. Have fun and be patient. I may not respond ASAP, but I will respond back as soon as I can. :3

Why am I doing Ask Questions?

It's bitter sweet, but my laptop is good as gone. It broke finally after 5 long years, so its time for a new one. It will take me some time to save the money for a new one, and since I don't have a laptop that means I can't draw anything extreme like a comic page. I do have a Ipad mini I can sketch on, so I going to do ASK questions in the mean time. 

Ask a GGComic Character


1. Don't be rude.

2. If I get a repeat question I will not do the ASK.

3. Keep things Pg-13,or T for teen.

4. I will pick ASK questions at random and not in order.

5. Don't be shy or afraid to ASK! If I don't like the ask question I won't be rude about it, I simply just wont do it.

7. Ask questions on this deviation.


:star:News and Updates::star:

December 17th- I got my old laptop fixed... kind of. It runs, but it likes to go really slow, and it shuts down for no reason. It's really hard to draw large files, so I'm still saving for hopefully a MacBook Pro. ^u^
I will do my best and try and get a comic page out after Christmas.



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