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Small Island, lots of Pokemon!
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Random from Generalgibby fan art

I really do love fan art! So, if you do draw some fan art, let me know I will favorite, comment it and show it off here!


Friends, Inspirations, Buttons, etc.

:icononicheer: These people are amazing artist, they have my respect. Here are my Inspirations:
:bulletblack:Dusk is my baby boy!:bulletpink:

:bulletblack:My Favorite Legendary Pokemon in Order! :bulletwhite:

:bulletred:My Favorite Cool/Tough Pokemon! :bulletyellow:

:bulletpink:My Favorite Cute/Beautiful Pokemon! :bulletblue:

My Pokemon Team!


La Stamps

Third generation rules!
Pokemon Omega Ruby Stamp by HellblazeAnimated Stamp: Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire by Azure--PhoenixPokemon Alpha Sapphire by Hellblaze
Pokemon: Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Stamp by RadSpyro
Kyogre by MarlenesstampsGroudon by MarlenesstampsRayquaza by Marlenesstamps


Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
Commissions are on closed!
Dont Get Jelly Stamp by GeneralGibbyI'm Here to Share Art Stamp by GeneralGibby
Please Do not Beg me to Work on my Comic by GeneralGibbyArt ADD or AADD by GeneralGibbySlow Sketcher Stamp by GeneralGibby
I know you want to see more Comics Stamp by GeneralGibbySupport OC Love Stamp by Krazys-StampsI Didn't Copy YOUR OC Stamp by GeneralGibby
Pageviews stamp by Kirari-kitsuneArtWORK Stamp by guardianpinkneko[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest
Artistic Pride Stamp by skelly-jellyArtist Rights by tarutoBe creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS
DO NOT FAV - I play pokemon by stamps-clubMotivation Stamp by In-The-MachineI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteMinds of Their Own Stamp by Purplefire40I draw my dreams- STAMP by ninykininRoleplaying - stamp by Angi-ShyI Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadowPokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex

I'm a Proud Shiny Hunter!

My latest Youtube Video

:pokeball:How do I get a Shiny Legendary?
To look for a shiny legendary all you have to do is save in front of the legendary pokemon, then battle the pokemon. If its not shiny soft reset and try again till you find a shiny one.
To Soft Reset in game press- L+R+Select+Start

Please do not ask me to trade my Shiny's, because I will say:
"No thanks. I work very hard to get my shiny(s), and they are very special to me. I would not trade them for the world.

Looking For Right Now!
My main Hunt:
On my main hunts I always:
~ Count my soft reset
~ Record the hunt
~ Use 4 DS systems to hunt

HeartGold: Going for Shiny Kyogre by Marlenesstamps SR= 4,500
SoulSilver: Going for Shiny Groudon by Marlenesstamps SR= 4,500
My 2nd SoulSilver: Going for Shiny Groudon by Marlenesstamps SR= 4,500
My 3rd SoulSilver: Going for Shiny Groudon by Marlenesstamps SR= 4,500
Total Groudon and Kyogre SR= 18,000
......longest hunt so far ;w;
My side hunt:
I don't always record or count my soft resets with my side hunts. That's because I only use one DS at a time and I'm most likely up and moving around, so I'm defiantly not going to be able to record.
~Also I do have the Shiny Charm on all 3 of my Black2/White2 games.
Black 2: Shiny Azelf by Marlenesstamps
White 2: Shiny Azelf by Marlenesstamps
2nd-White 2: Shiny Azelf by Marlenesstamps

:pokeball:You may see the pokemon I'm hunting change, that's because I take breaks from other legendary's, and bounce back and forth from legendary to legendary.
1st Shiny Found
Shiny Darkrai by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Darkrai (Caught in Master Ball)
Soft Reset(s)= 5,496
Nature: Bashful
Nickname: Eclipse
I had 4 DS's going at the same time= 1,374 soft resets per DS

2nd Shiny Found
Shiny Darkrai by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Darkrai (Failed, It killed itself)
Nature: ---
Nickname: ---
Soft Reset(s)= ----

3rd Shiny Found
Shiny Kyurem by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Kyurem(Caught in Master Ball)
Nature: Mild
Nickname: Freezo
Soft Reset(s)= 1,152

4th Shiny Found
Shiny Kyurem by Marlenesstamps <--- In the comic.
Shiny Kyurem(Caught in Dusk Ball)
Nature: Adamant
Nickname: Zero
Soft Reset(s)= 236

5th Shiny Found
Shiny Cresselia by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Cresselia(Caught in Dusk Ball)
Nature: Hardy
Nickname: Dream
Soft Reset(s)= 565

6th Shiny Found
Shiny Uxie by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Uxie(Caught in Dusk Ball)
Nature: Bold
Nickname: Xaveir
Soft Reset(s)= Under 200

7th Shiny Found
Shiny Mew by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Mew(Caught in Luxury Ball)
Nature: Calm
Nickname: Pluto
Soft Reset(s)= (None) I used Emeralds Broken RNG to get it.


Jul 22, 2014
1:39 pm
Jul 22, 2014
6:51 am
Jul 22, 2014
5:24 am
Jul 21, 2014
10:45 pm
Jul 21, 2014
9:44 pm

My Pokémon X and Y game chat is... 

14 deviants said Turned off. I enjoy my privacy. :-3
9 deviants said Turned on. I enjoyed chatting with people online. :-3

What is the MAIN reason you are here on DA? 

48 deviants said :bulletpurple:I'm here to share my art with others.
20 deviants said :bulletblue:I'm here to socialize.
12 deviants said :bulletgreen:I'm here to learn.
2 deviants said :bulletred:I'm here to become famous.



Stamp- Flower Fan by GeneralGibbyStamp- Dusk Fan by GeneralGibbyGGComic=Vapor Stamp by GeneralGibby
GGComic=Rain Stamp by GeneralGibbyGGComic= Hornet Stamp by GeneralGibbyGGComic= Silver Stamp by GeneralGibby
:iconnaviplz: To learn more about the comic characters click here!
:star:Comic News and Updates:
:iconupdateplz: May 12th- Im done sketching page 43, I'm working page 44. I have been drawing my pages in my sketch book then scanning them into my laptop.... I draw soooo, much better and faster in my sketch book then I do sketching on my tablet in Photoshop. -3-' I'm sticking with the sketchbook...

:star:It Started With A Boom! :star:

GGComic= It Started With a BOOM! Pg 41-42 by GeneralGibby

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: 5 or 6 Pages Left :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
:iconupdateplz: Next Posting Day: Whenever I feel like doing it!
Page 1-2
Page 3-4
Page 5-6
Page 7-8
Page 9-10
Page 11-12
Page 13-14
Page 15-16
Page 17-18
Page 19-20
Page 21-22
Page 23-24
Page 25-26
Page 27-28
Page 29-30
Page 31-32
Page 33
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
Page 39
Page 40
Page 41 -
Page 42 -
Page 43 -
Page 44 -
Page 45 -
Page 46 - (Maybe, I messed up on the script and ISWAB had to be extended a page.)


My Gaming Info

My Info:

My main game and system:
3DS Name: Gibby
Trainer Name: Gibby, I'm a girl in this game.
Poke Game: Pokemon Y
Friend Code: 3781-0345-2358
Friend Safari::bulletgreen: Pansage, Ivysaur, Maractus
Friend List: Full! I can't add anymore friends.
My second game and system:
3DS Name: Leo/Gibby
Trainer Name: Leo, I'm a boy in this game.
Poke Game: Pokemon X
Friend Code:3179-6289-5208
Friend Safari::bulletyellow: Electrode, Helioptile, Manectric
Friend List: Half full, but still able to add friend codes.
My third game and system:
3DS Name:Naythan ( I get to use his DS all the time)
Trainer Name: Aurora, I'm a girl in this game.
Poke Game: Pokemon Y
Friend Code: 3153-4177-4278
Friend Safari::bulletpurple: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Golurk
Friend List: Less then half full, able to add a bunch of people.



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